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When I don't hear about people dying from too much to drink.- John

When a good night out isn't measured in empty beer cans, but in laughter and good company.- Laurie-Anne

When I no longer have to fear someone driving under the influence.- Anonymous

When I can have an alcohol free night and no one questions it.- Anonymous

When I no longer wake up in the morning and pull the covers over my head to shut myself away from life and keep the world out.Now I wake up refreshed and open,inviting life into my world and enjoying each moment of life which I now appreciate and live to the fullest.- Anonymous

My "when" moment was when I was at my boyfriend's house and I decided to drink a bit too much and I got really bad spins and I woke up with a really bad hangover and it sucked. So I stopped drinking mostly every weekend.- Shauna J.

When I don't feel pressured to drink just to have fun!- Lianne

When my friends use alcohol, and later tell me what it's like, it gives me more reason why I don't drink and why I would choose to spend time with family more than friends. It also tells me that drinking can mess up your life at a young age. - Brandon R.

When I went to visit my grampy after a year, and he didn't even remember my visit. - Brianna

My when moment was when I was in grade 6 and someone very close to me passed away in a drinking and driving accident. And also last month I had another close friend was drinking and he was crossing the road and died from a drunk driver.- S.J.

When I realize now is when.- Breanne

When I am around people who are drunk they are not the same.- Dillon

When my dad doesn't pass out at the table.- Shauna

When I see my freinds and they are drunk, they are not the same people I care for and know.- Daniel and Nyah

When people say things they don't mean, to the people who mean the most to them.- Brianna

My "when" moment was when I woke up one morning and couldn't remember what I did the night before but my friend told me everything that I did.- Andrew

When "friends" turn into monsters, I realize what it is I'm afraid of.- Michaela

When I'm not called a party pooper because I don't want to drink.- Anonymous

When a night out doesn't ALWAYS have to include drinking.- Anonymous

When I don't take the first drink. I will live another day. I am a recovering alcoholic.- Laura H.

When drinking water, soda or non-alcoholic beer because I'm driving doesn't get laughed at.- Tony A

when I see pictures of myself from a party the night before and don't see a bleary-eyed and red-faced me in the pictures.- Anonymous

My "When" moment was when I turned 30. I was out celebrating my birthday with family and friends. I only had 4 drinks and I ended up getting violently sick and passing out. I woke up the next morning with a hangover and said to myself "Never again". I haven't drank since. Thank God I was with family and friends who I could trust because I hate to imagine what could have happened to me if I wasn't. - Lynn

When you don't have to cab home after a night cap with colleagues. - Max S.

When you don\'t have to wait for the sound of your spouses snoring before you can go to bed.- Anonymous

When my son's hockey practice on Saturday morning feels like a blessing not a burden. - SP

When people don't look at the colour of skin or cultural background and automatically think "alcoholic."- SB

When my children wake me up at 6 AM and I’m happy to see them.- Anonymous

When you can remember bringing in the New Year.- Anonymous

When the only thing I need to worry about running into me while I'm driving is deer.– Brent

When my children can go to a dance, and I don't have to worry about yours.- Brent

When I can remember last night’s conversations and not have any regrets about what I said.– Sharon

When I make a promise to my children and it actually happens.- Shawn

When my children are not hiding because their mom and dad are fighting over my drinking again.- Anonymous

When the telephone company calls wondering where the payment is and I say it is in the mail and it really is.Anonymous

When I walk down “Main Street” and I can look people in the eye.Anonymous

When I can tell my children that I was out late last night working, and I actually was.- Anonymous

When you celebrate the life of a passed friend or family, with just stories.- Lindsey

When you can wake up and not worry about who you offended.- Anonymous

When you can do your job well and know that you’re not hurting anyone.- Anonymous

When your husband is not mad at you because of the night before.- Anonymous

When I can watch a football game and later remember the score.- Blair

When my daughter told me that her wish was that I should get drunk at least once so that she could also complain to her peers that her mom couldn't pick her up because she was too drunk to leave home.- Victoria

When I can watch the mesmerizing sunrise by getting up early, and sober, instead of seeing the sunrise by staying up all night partying.- CLD

When people I know drink, I know my time is used better than what they use their time for.- Brandon

When little kids are crying because their parents are fighting.- Brianna

When I drink I am always disappointed the next day in the person I became the night before.- David

When I drink I'm not the person I know myself to be. - Brianna

When I drink I don't like the way I feel the next day.- Logan

When I get drunk I don't only hurt my reputation, I hurt my friends and loved ones.- Nyah and Daniel

When you don't have to worry about others' safety.- Zack

When people realize that hurt and scars don't disappear in one night, hopefully it's not too late.- Michaela

When you are with your friends and they are drinking you don't have to drink to fit in. If they won't be your friend because you will not drink they are not your friends. - Daniel

When I wake up and I can remember the fun I had the night before... all of it.- Anonymous

When I know alcohol is not controlling my actions and sobriety prevails.- Carolyn L.

When I don't have to defend the fact that I just don't feel like having a drink.- Anonymous

When the place you are from does not dictate how much you can drink.- Anonymous

when you hold a friends hair back at prom it is to tell her how beautiful she is, not to keep it out of the toilet. - Anonymous

When I realized that I have much more fun when there are no expectations that I have to drink. - Anonymous

When I dial his number and he answers as a man, and not as a child.- Katie

When during rough times in our lives, we can reach inside ourselves to continue on, not reach for another drink to numb ourselves through another day.- Anonymous

When I'm out with friends and I realise that I laugh just as hard with a glass of water in my hand.- Anonymous

When I feel that a possibly more difficult course of action will solve the problem better than a bottle, and feeling happy that I am working toward a solution to my problems rather than adding to them. - SB

When I can socialize just being me.- Anonymous

When I wake up in the morning and know where I am.- Anonymous

When I don't have to worry how my car got home.- Anonymous

When I can ask someone to dance without a drink in my hand.- Anonymous

When I can speak with someone without feeling I have to buy them a drink.- Anonymous

When my partner doesn’t have to ask me where I’ve been all night.- Anonymous

When I don’t have to call my boss on Monday morning and lie again.- Anonymous

When I can look at myself in the mirror and feel good about who I see.- Anonymous

When I don’t feel sick and tired of being sick and tired.- Anonymous

When I don’t have to feel nervous/anxious when a police car is behind me.- Anonymous

When I feel ok with just being me.- Anonymous

When I choose my friends not when friends choose me.- Anonymous

When I choose to go to a nightclub, not when I think there is nothing else to do.- Anonymous

When you can go to the bar and have a good time drinking pop/coffee.- Anonymous

When you enjoy your daughter’s wedding and she’s glad to have you there.- Anonymous

When your day is not wasted after the night before.- Anonymous

When Saturday morning shopping is a pleasure again.- Anonymous

When being the designated driver is more fun than the one being driven.- Anonymous

When Xmas dinner is more about what’s on my plate than what’s in my glass.- Anonymous